Peeling a Kiwi Broken Down!

kiwiSome fruits are easier to cut up and prepare than others. Apples and most berries are certainly among the easiest while pomegranates, bananas, prickly pears and pumpkin are are some of the more difficult foods to present in a palatable way. In fact, some have gone as far as to hold contests for who can peel oranges the fastest and neatest – something I might have to cover at a later date! But today, we’re going to look at how to peel another fruit that has posed a problem for so many chefs and people simply looking to have some fruit: the kiwi. And we’re going to do it in 3 easy steps.

Peeling a Kiwi Broken Down:

Like preparing any fruit, there are a series of steps and processes that can make this typically daunting experience one of ease and satisfaction.

1. Take your kiwi and cut a small section off the top and the bottom of the fruit. This will create a flat surface for you to work on, rather than working on a (potentially dangerous) rounded surface with a sharp knife.

2. With your knife, cut a skin-deep incision from top to bottom on your fruit on one area. You only need one incision.

3. With a desert spoon, slide the spoon dish-down into the incision so to separate the two cut sides from one another. Keeping the spoon still, slide the kiwi in a circular motion around the spoon. The dome of the spoon will force off the skin away from the fruit. Finish by taking your spoon and scooping the flesh out of the skin. The result is a perfectly peeled kiwi.

A side note: rather than moving your hand around and keeping the spoon still, you can just as easily move the spoon around the kiwi to get the meat loose just as effectively.

For more kiwi-peeling action, check out this cool video!


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