How to Predict the Weather Without Using Technology

sunny-dayBefore the Weather Channel and well before on-demand weather reports at our finger tips through smart phones and other portable gadgets, people determined the weather for the day and what the weather was going to be by (believe it or not) looking up at the sky. In a not-so-distant past, what the forecast for the day, week, month and season was essential to many people’s livelihood’s whether you were a farmer in China or a rail car operator in Providence, Rhode Island. People made do without technology and in this post, we’ll take a quick look into how you can figure out the weather without looking down at your phone.
Just What ARE Some Ways to Figure Out the Weather Without Technology?

Nature is a very interesting thing. It can tell you everything you ever wanted to know – but you need to know where and when to look for your answersDifferent cloud formations  can tell you if there is rain coming soon. Morning dew on grass can reveal if the day will be clear and sunny or rain at some point in the day. The Farmer’s Almanac is an authority for using a combination of all these factors plus lunar phases and many other “secret” methods for determining weather patterns for the year and when the best times for crops are with remarkable accuracy. Even Native Americans had their own methods and they were of such interest to a pair of  United States Senators that they felt the need to investigate for themselves. Of course, there are many more methods.

Technology vs. Tradition
To know the weather without aid of technology now might seem difficult and even unnecessary. Naturally, technology has gotten the upper hand on cultural pastimes and traditional methods.

So why bother looking up when you could look down at your phone and see what things are going to be like not just in an hour, but days in advance? But there might be that time – that one time – where your phone was left at home or you forgot to check the weather online before going out. How would you know if your sunny day is going to continue to be a sunny day?

Check out this cool infographic on forecasting weather without the need for technology.

How to forecast weather


4 thoughts on “How to Predict the Weather Without Using Technology

  1. This infographic is really useful. 🙂

    • Glad you like it! One of the things I’m really trying to accent is the use of pictures and infographics in my posts to give readers as many visuals as possible.

      How did you find my page? Was there anything else you liked or didn’t like about it?

  2. Hi Mike,

    Great to see that you are maximizing pictures and infographics. That will surely work for me and other visual learners. 🙂

    I really find your blog useful, and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and learning from them.


    • Glad you like them, Jim!
      Really appreciate the kind words. Do be sure to follow – there’s going to be some good stuff coming up in the next few days.

      Do you have a page as well? I’d love to share it around my Twitter feed.

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