Learn How to Match and Combine Colors for the Optimal Outfit

well dressedColor matching: the very essence of fashion for both men and women alike. Matching might seem like one of those things you never really consider going out for a night. Why not just throw on some clothes that are both stylish to you and comfortable and whatever happens happens? Being well dressed or at least well coordinated in your colors is your presentation of self to the world. Having a put-together appearance can help boost self esteem and confidence, convey intelligence and influence and catch the attention of that lady from across the room.

Combining colors is something that we always can feel – but never really act upon. You have a feeling that these clothes don’t go together or that these clothes do go together, but you’re not entirely sure why. Matching colors is a very simple thing that can be understood in moments and implemented in seconds the next time you reach into your closet or go shopping and bring out the best in you and your wardrobe.

The Basics of Matching Colors

To understand the color wheel is to understand matching colors and constructing the perfect outfit. Here are some basic rules for matching colors:

color wheel

1. Choose colors that are right next to each other (ex. violet and blue violet)

2. Choose colors that form a 90 degree angle (ex. yellow and red or red orange)

3. Colors that are directly across from one another is another method (ex. yellow and violet)

4. Colors that form a T shape (ex. blue and green; red and orange).

5. Colors that form an X shape (ex. blue, orange, violet and yellow).

Other tips: brown, black, white and denim blue are neutral colors, meaning that they will go with any of the other colors mentioned above.

So the next time you’re getting ready on a Friday night, keep in mind these simple tips and you’ll be in for a good night.


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