Solved! The Best Way to Keep Your Paint Rollers Ready to Paint

paint rollerAll of us have been in a position where something big needs to get painted and the simple paintbrush simply will not do. What do you do? You pull out the paint rollers to make fast work of the project. But you’ve been working all day and there is still more work to be done. You left your paint rollers outside and they’ve hardened over, ruining your rollers. Now you need to go out and spend more money on new rollers. How could you have preserved your rollers for the next day of work and kept them job-ready moist?

The Trick: Keep Them Moist and Cold

Keeping your rollers in optimal condition for the next day of painting requires only the aid of a plastic bag, a wet towel and your refrigerator.

1. Wrap your roller in a wet towel. The towel will provide the moisture needed to keep the paint from hardening over.

2. Place the roller (or brush) in a plastic bag and then seal the bag with a big or tape. The trick is to keep a seal where the moisture will stay locked in and keep the rollers fresh

3. Put the plastic bag of brushes and rollers into the refrigerator. The cool temperatures of the refrigerator will encourage condensation to develop and that condensation will help in keeping the moisture from the towel moist and your brushes and rollers job-ready as well.

Now you can sleep easy knowing that resuming your painting job won’t require another trip to Home Depot.

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Want more? Check out this video on proper paint rolling technique!


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