Tying the Knot: How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot

knotPerhaps the most pressing challenge of every man on his way to work or just looking to dress up for a formal engagement, the tying of the tie is every man’s Achilles Heel. I can’t think  of a single thing more daunting than unraveling the knot (no pun intended) of what it means to tie a a tie. I was one of these people for a long time until I soon found myself needing to get dressed up more often than I had before and with it, I needed to learn how to make a tie more than ever. Though there are many different tie tying styles, which might get covered more in depth at a later time (stay tuned!), we’re just going to look at the Four-in-Hand Knot or the Schoolboy Knot today, a relatively common tie knot and usually the knot people think of when they think of tying their tie.

Finding the Best Way to Tie a Tie

Generally speaking, picture tutorials or video tutorials were much more helpful than step-by-step instructions. Picture sequences and watching other people and mimicking their actions to achieve a result seems more apt with this particular task. For me, this picture-by-picture tutorial has been my personal go-to anytime I need a refresher on putting my tie on.

None the less, when you get right down to it, tying a tie is very much like tying your shoes: when you see what’s going on, the a-ha! moment clicks and you wonder how you were ever NOT able to make a tie.

Courtesy of artofmanliness.com, here’s a cool tutorial on how to do the Four-in-Hand:

As you get more comfortable with the Four-in-Hand, try out some of these other knots and REALLY up your tie tying game:

Eldridge Tie Knot
Merovingian Knot
Cavendish Knot


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