5 Desktops to Organize Your Desktop

We don’t typically think of our computer desktop background as anything significant. Often times the backgrounds of our computer are representative of something we like enough to show our support for it. A favorite basketball team, Call of Duty, U.S. Marines background – whatever your personal preference may be.

But few of us know that our background wallpaper can actually be something to organize our folders and the way we look for information on our desktop. Knowing where something is at the drop of a hat is one of the most effective ways to reduce mental stress and free-up mental bandwidth.

Here are 5 helpful desktop designs sure to help you format and layout your computer for easy, stress-free navigation. Each utilize the method of grids and quadrants to visually organize your information:

 wp 5http://files.customize.org/download/wallpapers/72197/77295/desktop_office-1920×1200.jpg


wp 1

wp 2http://lifehacker.com/5807262/give-your-desktop-a-productivity-boost-with-these-built+in-organization-wallpapers/


wp 3http://www.labnol.org/software/desktop-icons-wallpaper/13321/


wp 4http://needsomeair.kundansen.org/2010/03/desktop-organizer-background.html


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