Best Way to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

One of the things that so many of us tend to let go by the way side is our medicine cabinet. Old, empty bottles of past prescriptions, creams, swabs, cotton balls – you name it – all wind up getting stashed away in the medicine cabinet. And all that stockpiling is sure to lead to clutter. But even once you’ve removed the clutter, you still have the problem of sifting through all the pill canisters and boxes you need to find the one you need at the moment. How can you get around this problem?

The Trick: A Spice Rack.

The crafty people of reddit have come up with an interesting way to use a spice rack to organize your medicine cabinet paraphernalia. A $15 purchase of a Rubbermaid spice rack will make quick work of the messiest medicine cabinet. Seems like a relatively small investment to make for an end to unnecessary sifting and cab

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