About YB3

About Your Brain Cubed

Learning according to Oxford Dictionary is the following:

  1. The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught.
  2. Knowledge acquired in this way.

Based on the first definition, learning can happen at all times, at all hours of the day whether we want it to happen or not. When there is an emergency, you learn that the proper number to call is 911. If someone is choking, you first learn that they need to be helped and then you enact the proper actions. If you know the Heimlich Maneuver, you apply accordingly but if you don’t then you would take time out to learn how to do it to be an asset in the future. All the same, learning does not need to be a classroom-only activity. Frankly, some of the best people in the world were lifelong learners and considered what they learned in the classroom to be trivial, lacking in practical application and separate from reality and claimed their best learning happened far away from school.

Learning is a three-fold activity:

  • Audio, learning through hearing.
  • Visual, learning through seeing.
  • Kinesthetic, learning by doing.

Some people learn best with one way over another way. Some are better with pictures than they are with lectures and some may be better with real-world, getting down-and-dirty learning. There is nothing right or wrong about this, but the hope is that through active study, living life or any combination there of, something meaningful and lasting is taken from the experience.

Your Brain Cubed, or YB3 for short, looks to help you learn something new each day. YB3 looks to be your source for tips, facts, tutorials and much more to help improve all aspects of your life and make you. We look to do this using the same three-pronged learning approach mentioned above: audio, visual and encouraging kinesthetic behavior, understanding that some people learn differently than others, but the goal is to have you learned something that you can take with you, find meaningful and beneficial and, more importantly, share with others.


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein


Contact: mikemiliani@cox.net

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