Use Shaving Cream to Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog-Free

steam 4What’s something that is part of everyone’s morning routine? The shower is certainly one of the key components. Even if it’s not part of the morning routine exactly then I imagine that a shower is something that is part of your day at some point in the day.

Once you’ve wrapped up your shower, and you exit the stall what is the first thing you notice? Your bathroom is full of steam and the mirror is fogged over. Using a towel or your hand is not cleaning off the mirror sufficiently you quickly find and opening a window or turning on the ventilation is a solution – but takes time to kick in and get you your pristine mirror and you need that mirror now. How do you solve this problem?

The Trick: Shaving Cream

One video courtesy of CupRockTV has the solution: buff in ordinary shaving cream onto your mirror glass. The alcohols in the shaving cream act as a water-proof protector. Much like how oil and water don’t mix when stirred – unless stirred vigorously for a long period of time – the shaving cream ingredients repel water.

1. Take a quarter-sized blob of shaving cream and apply directly to your mirror.

foam 1
2. Take a towel and buff the shaving cream into the mirror until there is no more shaving cream present on the mirror.

smear 2
Once you get out of the shower, you’ll now be able to shave and brush your teeth without any hold up!

Check out the full video below: