Top College Facts for 2014

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Check out these Awesome Sites!

Hey all!

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been pretty tied down with other projects and here are a few of them.

If you’re a musician – specifically a bass player – these are the sites for you!

Smart Bass Guitar: Play Bass Smarter

Smart Bass Academy (under construction!)

Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Instant Ramen Meal

We’ve all been there – and many of us are still there. That phase in our lives where the taste of instant ramen is a recurring thing in our lives. Tired of the same old 5 flavors of instant top ramen? Here’s a cool infographic showing some of the awesome ways to improve your ramen meal with some simple culinary addtions, gaurenteed to spice up (pun intended) your next ramen meal!


Best Way to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

One of the things that so many of us tend to let go by the way side is our medicine cabinet. Old, empty bottles of past prescriptions, creams, swabs, cotton balls – you name it – all wind up getting stashed away in the medicine cabinet. And all that stockpiling is sure to lead to clutter. But even once you’ve removed the clutter, you still have the problem of sifting through all the pill canisters and boxes you need to find the one you need at the moment. How can you get around this problem?

The Trick: A Spice Rack.

The crafty people of reddit have come up with an interesting way to use a spice rack to organize your medicine cabinet paraphernalia. A $15 purchase of a Rubbermaid spice rack will make quick work of the messiest medicine cabinet. Seems like a relatively small investment to make for an end to unnecessary sifting and cab

Use Shaving Cream to Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog-Free

steam 4What’s something that is part of everyone’s morning routine? The shower is certainly one of the key components. Even if it’s not part of the morning routine exactly then I imagine that a shower is something that is part of your day at some point in the day.

Once you’ve wrapped up your shower, and you exit the stall what is the first thing you notice? Your bathroom is full of steam and the mirror is fogged over. Using a towel or your hand is not cleaning off the mirror sufficiently you quickly find and opening a window or turning on the ventilation is a solution – but takes time to kick in and get you your pristine mirror and you need that mirror now. How do you solve this problem?

The Trick: Shaving Cream

One video courtesy of CupRockTV has the solution: buff in ordinary shaving cream onto your mirror glass. The alcohols in the shaving cream act as a water-proof protector. Much like how oil and water don’t mix when stirred – unless stirred vigorously for a long period of time – the shaving cream ingredients repel water.

1. Take a quarter-sized blob of shaving cream and apply directly to your mirror.

foam 1
2. Take a towel and buff the shaving cream into the mirror until there is no more shaving cream present on the mirror.

smear 2
Once you get out of the shower, you’ll now be able to shave and brush your teeth without any hold up!

Check out the full video below:

How to Tell What Day Your Bread Was Baked On

All us us have bought pre-made and pre-sliced bread from the grocery store. Whether Wonder or some other brand or made directly at the bakery in the supermarket, each one of these packages have a colored twist-tie or clamp to keep the bag shut. If you’re like me, you never gave these colored twist ties a second glance. However, there is a methodology to the color coding of these twist ties: they reveal what day the bread was baked on!

Check out this cool infographic showing what days correlate to what color twist tie.

baked bread

So the next time you’re shopping for bread, take a look at the twist tie. It may not be as fresh as you think!